The Typical Day at Your E-Commerce Call Center — And Here’s How to Say Goodbye to All the Troubles!

From the moment a customer (whom you could attract only after a lot of hard work 😰💪) places an order, how many customer phone calls☎️ and emails📩 do you have to reply to, responding to inquiries about their orders?

1. 🎂 Customer : Hello, I ordered a cake yesterday to be delivered today. Can I know if the order has been placed?

Staff : Sure ma’am. Could you please tell me your name and mobile number?

2.⌚ ️Customer : Hi, I ordered 2 watches three days ago and can I know the status of the order please?

Staff : Sure sir, could you tell me your name please?

Customer: ………..

Staff : I’m sorry sir but there are 5 orders related to this name. Could I know the 5 digit order code…..

………. Annnnnnnnd it goes on and on like that….. Endless phone calls☎️ and emails📩, sometimes from angry customers. 📣

But why do you have to keep your 💎 valuable customers doubtful about their orders and your service when you can 👉📱 trigger SMS notifications on different stages of customer orders with ShoutOUT Woocommerce Plug In?🎉

Keep your customers up to date by sending them an SMS at the most important stages of any order process like order creation 📥, order dispatch 🚀, order delivery 🚚 , order cancellation 🚫 etc. This will not only make your customers feel assured of the safety of their ordered goods, but also improve their ❤️ loyalty towards you, and 🙌your trustworthiness (No need to mention how much time it’ll save for both you and your customers).⌛

Believe it or not! It takes only 👉⏱ 5 minutes to set up and start sending messages.

Be it an 👗 online clothing store or a 💐 flower delivery shop, this tool suits any type of business including yours because SMS notifications triggering is effective for any ecommerce business which hopes to build a wider, loyal customer base🔒. The personal touch inherent in SMS is 👌 very effective in communicating with the customer in a friendly manner. 🙌🙋

So the 😃 happy news is that if you are using woocommerce for your ecommerce website, implementing all the above activities is just 5 minutes away 😊 Try out our woocommerce plugin today, it’s lifetime FREE💯. You just need to have a ShoutOUT Lite account. 😉

Sounds interesting? Read more on how this works and what this brings back for you here.

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