Case Study: The Rotary Club of Negombo

Successfully Handles the Event Registrations and Participant Communication of PETS 2017–2018 with ShoutOUT

Hope you guys were benefited from our last week’s article about how SMS can be used to reduce the burden of event registrations. This week, we thought of sharing with you a case study of a real scenario.

The Rotary Club of Negombo has been pretty busy from somewhere around February 2017 with the preparations of the PETS 2017 event which was scheduled to be held on the last week of March 2017. One of the main tasks of the organizing committee has been the registration of, and the communication with, the attendees.

Being one of our most loyal customers, Disney Fernando has referred ShoutOUT to the main organizers of the PETS event, and we were able to make their whole organizing process much easier by attending to the participant communication procedure.

Event Registration

Image 1: Email sent out with the registration form

The first task was to invite the Rotarians to register for the event.

An email with the online registration link, including another option to download the registration form, was sent out to all the invitees. Simultaneously with the email, an SMS also was sent out to every individual informing to check the email and register for the event.

Image 2: Registration form provided by ShoutOUT for participant registration

Sending Invitations

Once the Rotarians registered, a new email was sent with all the other information required to be known before they attended the event.

In the same email, a unique registration code auto generated by ShoutOUT was sent to each registrant. This was sent so that the code can be checked at the check-in point on the event day. How this came in handy is as follows.


When each attendee arrived at the location, the organizing members present at the check-in counter redeemed each registration code using the ShoutOUT code redeeming portal. And this facilitated tracking the number of attendees along with their details then and there.

Regular Communication and Event Updates

Image 3: SMS were sent out to keep the participants informed about the event updates

Starting from the very first SMS reminding to check the event registration email, the Rotary Club of Negombo communicated from time to time with the attendees. Reminders about the event, welcome messages, the event schedule about breakfast, lunch etc. as well as thank you messages were sent out as SMS campaigns. The attendees were updated every now and then and were really happy about that because they were made to feel as if they were a significant part of the whole process, leaving no space for any doubts. The kind of communication achieved through the ShoutOUT platform kept the event alive as well as the attendees closer to the organizers.

Disney Fernando, one of main organizers of the event expressed his gratitudes and conveyed his thoughts like this at the end of the PETS 2017.

ShoutOUT carried out the entire participant registration for the PETS 2017–18 event. They supported us immensely throughout the event and we were able to avoid the hassle of handling our participants. ShoutOUT lifted a huge burden off our shoulders letting us concentrate more on the rest of the organizing activities. I mustn’t forget to mention that the whole event flowed very smoothly mainly because of ShoutOUT. We are truly grateful to ShoutOUT for the excellent service provided.

The ShoutOUT team was very happy to be a part of PETS 2017 and even happier to hear appreciative comments from everyone who attended. We are confident that we can make your event registrations, check-ins and communication smooth like we did at PETS 2017. Want to make your life easier? Contact us.

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